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 Map: Nazi Zombie Makin [CoDWaW]

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PostSubject: Map: Nazi Zombie Makin [CoDWaW]   Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:42 pm

After looking into the mod files i saw the Treyarch team was making a zombie map according to the multiplayer map of Makin.
Because of that i started remaking prefabs of the makin map itself.

The idea is of making a new zombie style that isn't the same like SNN, Der Riese or any Verruckt style maps.

The ideas at the moment are:

  • Chainsaw [works]
  • Crossbow [works]
  • Clone-A-Bone Clone an controlled player that will cover and follow you anywhere [works]
  • Time-Bender Reverse a few rounds back [works]
  • No waves , just hardcore sprinting zombies [works]
  • Multiplayer Airstrike system and mortar barrages [works]
  • Zapper Systems redone [works
  • Customisable Characters, includes a starting part where you can gear up .[works]
  • Ranked features [works]
  • Ammo drops [works]
  • Little Sam is now in the map as character
  • Puzzle Objectives [works]
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Map: Nazi Zombie Makin [CoDWaW]
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