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 Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]

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PostSubject: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   Wed Mar 03, 2010 2:32 am

Zombie Temple Map!

Map Name: mp_zom_temple
Mapper: Fixz
Mod: Only for ZombieX
Version 2.8b ( Release soon )

IrishStorm suggested i update. so here we go Smile

This map started off as a random project at the end of 2009, the first part i created was the front stairs, and from there i just kept working, the very early version of this map was desert, it was nothing special at all. and it was boring like hell. So i started learning scripting beeing able to do my own shit instead of stealing other peoples work like every other script-kiddie out there. Fair enough, long nights and a huge drive made me want to learn scripting, the frist "heavliy" scripted versions of zombie temple had some "Baby-sickness" issues. making the map in some cases crash the server, this wasnt good.
The newer versions of zombie temple does not have this issue ( v2.0 and forward ).

Here is a walkthrough of what the map is generally like:
You start off on a smaller island off-coast from the main island. This island is here to not give the people with fast computers a advantage loading the map, and it also gives the zombie(s) a chance to get a few kills early in the game.
What you need to do on this island is gain 1200 bucks ( see money ) and flip the power switch, once this switch is flipped you will be able to teleport off this island, if you havn't teleported of the island in this time, you will die an horrible death.

You will now be at the main island, at the far back of the temple, zombies will now start to spawn here as well, so you should try to set up your defenses and try not to get over-run. a few minutes after this the left windows will open, making another entrance for the zombies, and a few minutes after this the right windows will open up as well making it alot harder for the hunters to defend.

Try to earn bucks and hold your defenses, unlocking the back-door early in the game will give you an advantage, so dont go and be so damn cheap, open the door for you and your pals!


Custom Content ( Basically stuff you wont see in other maps )

- Mystery Boxes
The Mystery Boxes on zombie temple is heavliy modified, all attachments but large-clip and scopes are removed. this will increase the chance of getting better weapons. For example PPSH-Large Clip. 2 extra weapons are also added to the mystery boxes ( see Custom Weapons ).
And if you're dead tired of getting "Junk" in the mystery box as a zombie, fear no more! ( Should i sell advertisments? )
- Duck: 30% move speed ( Sticks during the entire game )
- Bike: 30% move speed ( Sticks during the entire game )
- Bucket: Awesome headgear for you zombies!
- Body parts: Health as usual
- Spider: Virus-In-a-Box as usual
- Coconut: Still junk ( sorry guys )

- Custom Weapons

New weapons added:
- M3A1 Grease Gun [ Added to mystery box ]
- The Red Baron ( Crossbow ) [Added to mystery box]
- Old Rusty ( VIP - Weapon )
- FU 510n ( This one is a surprise )

- Pack a Punch
Do i even need to explain this one?
This machine exists in Nazi Zombie - Der Reise in single player. You use it to upgrade your weapons.
It's fully working with sounds and everything. im gonna make a seperate release of this one when i get the time.
All weapons that can be upgraded in Der Reise can be upgraded in zombie temple as well. ( and a bit more weapons as well )
Custom weapons can not be pack-a-punched.

- The Chosen
Just as there is one head zombie there is one "Head Hunter" ( No no headhunter ).
Chosen is picked a few seconds after zombie is picked.
Im not going to explain this to well, cause it's kind off a surprise, when you get it, you will see. Smile

- FixzPop
FixzPop can gives you one random perk ( up to 9 of them ), and it also restores health ( up to 20 ) but it does not heal infections.


Screenshots ( Im sorry for them beeing huge: 1440x900 )

Grease Gun + Start Island

Zombie Bucket Helm

Old Rusty

Spawn Island

Grease Gun Again

Inside Crypt + Crossbow ( The Red Baron )

Inside Crypt ( Further In )

FixzPop Machine ( Background is changed now )

Chosen Player Model

Crypt Outside ( Old Pic )

VIP Player Model + Old Rusty ( 3rd person )



Sound is offset for most of them, but that's because xfire's recording software is awesome!

Pack a Punch


Money System ( Bucks )

FU 510n


Thanks a bunch to these people:

Razor19119: Hosting my map as soon as i ask for it, You're awesome dude! *VIP*
IrishStorm: Rigging the bucket helm and FU510n *VIP*
Waffles/Xylozi: Helping me when i need scripting help *VIP*
OMFGaTaco: For allways helping me debug/beta test the map *VIP*
JookBob: For coming up with some ideas
Hacker: For just beeing hacker
PupCake: For helping me beta-test the map. *VIP*


Content that is not created by me:
The Red Baron ( Crossbow )
I have no idea who originally created this. think it was a guy named "Red Beret"

M3A1 Grease Gun
Created By Zeroy, ripped from cod2

Original Mystery Box Script
Created by KiLL3R

FU 510n
From Gmod(?) re-rigged by IrishStorm.
I did all the FX, Texturing weapon properties, sounds and stuff, but it wouldnt have been possible without irish awesome rigging.

( There is probably something more, but nothing i can remember off the top of my head )

No one is alowed to edit my post but me!

Last edited by Fixz on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:06 am; edited 2 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   Sun Aug 15, 2010 5:27 am

i can sum this map up in one word shit... awesome! lol
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PostSubject: Re: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   Sun Aug 15, 2010 3:18 pm

Uh dude, fuck... thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   Mon Oct 18, 2010 4:30 am

hello, where I can download a stable version of this map? With their respective cfg
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PostSubject: Re: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:45 pm

snake wrote:
hello, where I can download a stable version of this map? With their respective cfg
hi there at the moment the person you want to speak to is FIXZ for i dont know too much of what is going on but from my knowledge, i think that the POW server has it, just join there server and it should download for ya Smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]   

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Map: Zombie Temple [CoDWaW]
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