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 Adding a Minimap

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PostSubject: Adding a Minimap   Mon Mar 08, 2010 9:41 pm

Adding a Minimap

You will require:
- A file compression program, e.g. 7zip Download:
- A image editor, e.g. Adobe Photoshop

Stage 1 - Preparing in Radiant

First, you must prepare your map, by placing two script origins diagonally opposite of each other. They must:
- The same height as the tallest building within the playable area
- Form a square
- Have the KVPs of: targetname | minimap_corner

Stage 2 - Taking the minimap Image

Next, you will need to take the minimap image. To do this, ensure the the minimap_corners are compiled into the map and then launch the map. Ensure that you have these dvars set:
- developer | 2
- developer_script | 1
- Use /devmap

When your ingame, ensure the map is looking as you wish, and then use the command:
- /exec minimap

This will prepare your HUD to take a minimap. You now need to enter this dvar:
- /scr_minimap_height ###

### is the height in units you wish to rise by. Normal sized maps are within the 5000 - 10000 range. Use your PRNT Screen button and take the image.

Stage 3 - Preparing the Image

In a image editor that supports .tga or .dds files, ensure the image is:

- Exactly 1024 by 1024, or any dimension that is a Power of 2
- Save as a .tga if you do not require transparency
- Save as a .dds ( DXT5 ), if you need transparency. You must delete the parts which you do not want to appear, using the normal transparent background.
- Save in the texture_asset folder, if you do not have one, make it here: Drive Letter:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty - World at War

Stage 4 - Converting the Image

Launch Asset Manager, and load up the .gdt called levels, it is located in the source_data folder. Then:

- Click New Entry
- Name it "compass_map_mp_mapname", mapname being the Radiant name of the map

Now set the settings to:

- Set materialType to 2D
- If your using a .DDS file for transparency, you will need to change Replace to Blend
- In the Color Map section, find your image in the texture_asset folder
- Make it:
- No Tile
- Nomip Billinear
- Tick Nopicmip

Then click Convert -> Current Asset Only and it will make three files:

- compass_map_mp_mapname.iwi, in the images folder
- compass_map_mp_mapname, in the material_properties folder
- compass_map_mp_mapname, in the materials folder

Stage 5 - Adding the minimap to the .CSV

In your mp_mapname.csv, add this line:


Re-compile your FF files and now prepare to make your map's .IWD file.

Stage 6 - Making the .IWD file

For Vista: Go to this directory: Drive Letter:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Activision\CoDWaW\usermaps and find your map's folder.

Within your map's folder, make a folder called images, and add to it the .iwi file you made earlier. Leave the images folder and:

- Right Click on it
- Click Create Archive
- Click on the radio button for .ZIP
- Name it: mp_mapname.iwd
- Create it.

This is now a valid .IWD file, and the game will load assets from it.

Dont forget to add these lines to you GSC file.

setDvar( "compassmaxrange", "1300" );
somewhere under the main thread. preferably before a wait...
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PostSubject: Re: Adding a Minimap   Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:45 am

very nice dude but how did u make it come up in the start screen aswel?.
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Adding a Minimap
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