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 Mod : Fading Darkness [CoDWaW]

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PostSubject: Mod : Fading Darkness [CoDWaW]   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:17 pm

This mod will Overhaul The Prototype map a list of features include.

This mod is based on giving the player
a feel of the game being harder without messing with the zombies
health its just a fun mod that I'm doing for fun and getting used to scripting.

This is nothing big and i don't expect a lot of people
to enjoy it but for the few of you who do like it and play it thanks.

It's something i enjoyed working on and will continue to enjoy working on
till its finished.Alot of people have helped me in making this mod.
this will be the first mod i have made.
Also the first thing ive scripted other than a zombie map.
So please take it light on me.

Things added so far

- Red Dot crosshair
- Perk machines
- Anti-Cheat script
- Some guns taken out(list below)
- Removed Insta-kill
- Added Rain effects
- Removed the laggy fog
- New zombies types

Removed weapons list

- 50 Cal
- Ray Gun
- FG42
- Panzerschrek
- Flamethrower
- M1 Nade launcher

these have been removed for multiple reasons.

To be added

- Plane fly overs
- Anti-Camping script
- Changed weapons prices
- Weapons with MP addons

Update 9-17-09

- Added laser sights(Turn on/off with "P")
- All players start with bowie knife

Update 11-14-09

- Adding Boss zombie
- Changed zombies health
- Changing some fx's And recoloring some of the fx's

Update 12-4-09

- New random loadouts

Update 12-7-09

- Added Carpenter powerup
- Game goes by rounds again

Update 12-16-09

- Added 2 new power ups Player no ammo and Team no ammo(Thanks FW-Corey)
- 2 New perks Deep impact and Speed boost
- Fixed polling for difficulty
- Added 1 out of 50 chance of spawning with Ray Gun.(Tip i restarted my map about 120 times and never got ray gun)
- Added sounds for power ups instakill,Doublepoints,Bomb,Max ammo Also added sounds to the 2 new power ups.

Any idea's send me a PM or leave a comment

Thanks for helping.

-TNZ- UberMouse
Zombie Chicken Taco Team


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PostSubject: Re: Mod : Fading Darkness [CoDWaW]   Wed Mar 03, 2010 1:38 pm

Looks great mate. Smile
do some specularity for the M1A1 Carbine ^^
i can do it for you if you want.

I edited the post and added some BB's and changed "Screen Shots", to "Screenshots"
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Mod : Fading Darkness [CoDWaW]
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